by laurie anne
Transform your business with Art  to Print

Take all the guesswork out of creating stunning art prints from your original artwork, giving you the freedom to create when inspired— while your art prints bring in more money while doing less work.


The Artist's Guide to Art Prints

Art to Print is a detailed, thorough, no-fluff course where I take you step-by-step through how to make art prints from your original art with all my secrets and top tips that I use daily! In fact, I constantly add updates when I learn something new or the technology I use changes. No gate-keeping here!

Imagine having the freedom to create when inspiration strikes, while your art prints continue to generate income for you effortlessly—that's the dream, right?! Art to Print makes that a reality in just 4 short hours!

 Say goodbye to the exhausting cycle of constantly creating new artwork just to make a single sale, and say hello to a thriving, stress-free art business.

But why art prints?

You already have the art - all you need is to make the art prints to multiply your income It's that simple.


"Art to Print is by far one of the best courses I have taken for my business." - Gina Clark


Hey there, friend!

I'm Laurie Anne

Artist. Entrepreneur. Educator.

When I’m not out exploring new places with my husband and pup, you can find me in my studio painting the landscapes I found on our adventures. But I also love sharing what I’ve learned to help other artists grow, leading 100,000+ students in painting lessons online and teaching YOU everything I know about the art-to-print process.

Trying to figure out how to make quality art prints on your own is hard - there's a lot of fluff out there that leads to more confusion (I know because I learned the hard way). I made Art to Print completely from trial and error, so I know all the questions you have! I created Art to Print to make your life easier. The information in this course completely changed my business (and my life!) and the results speak for themselves: I've seen it change hundreds of artists' lives, too, from beginner to advanced! Meet them here!

I've been where you are...

I'm here to guide you — no matter where you are in your art print journey!


"Laurie Anne covered everything in such a comprehensive manner and walked me through her exact processes, which was a lifesaver!" - Maggie Liu


As a student, you will get:
  • A step-by-step walk-through of scanning and photographing artwork
  • How to edit original artwork no matter what art medium you use (acrylic, oil, pastels, watercolor, collage, charcoal, graphite, 3D, textiles, etc.)
  • My process as you work alongside me as I teach you how to edit and color-correct images in Adobe Lightroom (some students use Affinity programs instead of Adobe) plus helpful PDF checklists!
  • How to format files in Adobe Photoshop for creating high quality art prints 
  • A start-to-finish detailed guide of making a 4x6 original into a 40x60 print
  • How to print yourself in-house and the printing equipment I recommend
  • An extensive list of tried and true Outsource print shops recommended by myself and my students
  • All of my tools and equipment and detailed video tutorials on how I use each of them
  • A value packed Resource Guide with clickable links to everything I use related to art prints
  • International resources for CA, UK, EU & AUS. Outsource print shops and suppliers recommended by my international students
  • An extensive FAQ section
  • My expert tips for creating original art that makes the best art prints
  • Regular course updates as I learn new things and so much more!


"Laurie Anne's course teaches EVERYTHING you need to learn the process.  I'm not scared to start now; I'm really excited!" - Elise Berry 


Hear from my students

Meet some of my incredible alumni from all over the world who have created the art print business they love!

Kacie Landis

“Art to Print has been such an invaluable resource. I tried teaching myself at first, but my process was inefficient, and I ended up wasting so much time & material trying to make it work. So I decided to invest in Art to Print, and it was a game-changer! Every step is laid out, it’s continually updated, and Laurie Anne is always quick to answer questions. I bought the course 3 years ago, and still reference it when I’m questioning a step in the process.”

Rebecca Sobbi

Art to Print teaches you everything you need to know about making art prints in the simplest, most beautiful way. I would have considered myself pretty tech adverse before taking this course, but Laurie Anne walks you through every single step to make the most beautiful art prints. It’s something I reference back to often and I love that it’s updated as Laurie Anne adapts her techniques."

Jennifer Bezaire

Art To Print was SO helpful! Before purchasing and going through the course, I took my originals to a local fine art printer for scanning and printing. It was fine but the process was so slow (and expensive) and I wasn’t able to do any editing before the printing- it was all in the printer’s hands so I felt very limited in the control I had over the final print. I still outsource the actual printing portion because that’s not an area I want to spend my time on but I finally feel like I have control over the end result on my prints! The videos were super helpful especially for someone who hadn’t used Photoshop in forever and had never used Lightroom. I still go back and rewatch certain videos when I need a refresher!"


"This is essential knowledge for any artist!" - K Larabee


Let me break it down for you...


Equipment is one of the great mysteries of creating art prints. How do you know what to use and if what you have is good enough? Whether you want to outsource your printing or print on your own printer, I'll show you exactly what I use for both, broken into separate sections — links and all.

Module 1 covers:

  • My printing equipment and the paper we use

  • The best paper cutter out there (and I’ve tried several, so I’m a paper-cutting expert)

  • My scanner, camera, and lens with comprehensive details about each of them

  • My computer and the professional software I use (but I make it super easy for you to learn even if you are a beginner!)


There are endless possibilities with art prints, but it ultimately depends on how you create the original piece. But don’t worry! I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to make great prints out of your original work.

Module 2 covers:

  • I’ll show you exactly what to look for so you know what art pieces make the best prints - no more guessing!

  • You’ll know how to ensure you create art that is ideal for art prints moving forward

  • I share the Do’s and Don'ts of art prints and make sure you are putting work out into the world you can be proud of


I take out all the guesswork and walk you step-by-step through all of my settings for scanning small artwork as well as how to properly light and photograph your larger artwork to create a high quality image... and I do it all from my home!

Module 3 covers:

  • Creating large prints from small paintings without compromising quality

  • How to properly scan your original artwork (watch me scan my original!)
  • Lighting your artwork like a pro
  • Optimizing camera settings (ISO, aperture, exposure) for the best results
  • The details on camera lenses as well as how to rent a camera online

This is what makes all the difference—thoroughly editing your scan or photograph to make a high-quality art print that impresses your buyers! I show you exactly how I edit my scans and photos, what tech I use and why, and provide all the steps you need to make your art print look just like the original!

Module 4 covers:

  • Color correction tools that allow your print to look exactly like the original

  • The best tips for removing imperfections from your scanned images
  • My foolproof workflow for editing images that’ll save you from tech-induced headaches
  • Color-correcting your photos in *Lightroom

  • Preparing your print files in *Photoshop

  • And more!

    *(some students use Affinity programs instead of Adobe)

Any original artwork with a primarily white background needs a little extra love when making art prints. I've got you! In this module, I show you how to properly prepare your watercolor paintings and drawings for printing. 

Module 5 covers:

  • How to remove the white background from your original artwork for clean and crisp prints

  • My favorite Photoshop tools to use when editing this type of artwork

  • Exactly how I edit my own drawings and watercolor paintings (watch me work!)

  • And more!


Okay, but what do you do once you have your artwork image edited? This module walks you through how to make print files in Photoshop, creating a digital signature, as well as step-by-step instructions for creating borders for both in-house printing and outsourcing.

Module 6 covers:

  • Creating specific sizes for digital files (you need to know this to print well!)
  • Exactly how I measure and choose the size of my signature for my prints
  • Creating a digital signature with an iPad as well as from a handwritten signature
  • Printing with a border for both canvas and paper prints

I've got all the details on how to test print efficiently as well as creating the best file for outsourcing. And for those printing themselves, I walk you thru the printing process step by step.

Module 7 covers:

  • Creating a test sheet for both outsourcing and in-house printing

  • What I look for in test prints
  • An outsourcing checklist so your file is ready for use
  • ICC Profiles for printer paper
  • All of my printer settings
  • My personal Epson printer tips
  • and more!

The bonus section of the course is packed with gold! As I learn new things, I add them to this section of the course. Here are some student favorites!

The Bonus Lessons cover:

  • My order-to-ship workflow
  • How to fail-proof package and ship your prints

  • How to print digital art from Procreate

  • File organization and storage
  • How to create digital files of your prints for the Frame TV
  • and more!


The Resource Guide is jam-packed with value! I provide clickable links to everything related to art prints. If I use it in my own business, I link it for you.

The Resource Guide includes:

  • An extensive list of tried and true Outsource Print Shops recommended by me and my students!
  • Links to all of the equipment, tools and supplies that I use in my art print process and business

  • International resources for CA, UK, EU & AUS. Outsource print shops and suppliers that I use and recommended by my international students
  • And more! The resource guide is a HUGE asset for every artist and updated regularly


"Laurie Anne saved me hours and hours of time and research. Well worth every single cent!" - Barbara Abbatiello


Here is what you will get:
  1. Lifetime Access: This course never expires - learn at your own pace, come back when you need a refresher
  2. Free Updates: Whenever I learn something new, I add it to Art to Print. You get any and every update automatically in your course with my latest tips!
  3. Creative Control: Skip the modules that don't apply to you (or you're not ready to learn yet) and focus on what you need to know!
  4. Your Time: You could spend 100's of hours learning and researching online, or take Art to Print and learn everything you need to know in just 4 hours!
  5. Accessible: I provide closed captions & transcripts for all lessons, including the ability to keyword search captions
  6. No Gatekeeping: I give you all of my trade secrets! I do not leave anything out. You get it all!
  7. Work Alongside Me: I take you along with me as I scan, photograph, and edit prints - you get to see my entire process!



"This was an amazing course that exceeded my expectations!" - Sara Swanson


Stephanie Hilen

"I have already been selling prints for a few years, but this course improved my process entirely! Before ATP, my prints were inconsistent and I felt like I was constantly re-inventing the wheel every time I needed to create a new print file. Now, I have a step by step guide that gets me there in one try every time! It's exactly what I needed to elevate my print offerings- the tools, tips and resources are gold. This is the shortcut every artist who would like to grow the print side of their business needs!"

Katie Podracky

"Since implementing Laurie Anne's Art to Print course, I've been able to add in another income stream to diversify my earnings as a professional artist. The days of the starving artist stereotype are over, and thanks to this course, it's easier than ever to build your dream job. Thanks to Laurie Anne's course and a lot of elbow grease, I've been able to replace my day job with the job of my dreams and stay at home with my kids at the same time. Thank you Laurie Anne!"

Meredith Oneal 

"This course had a ton of content, much more than I anticipated and I learned SO MUCH. Not only did it teach me literally everything I could possibly need to know to make XL canvas prints, but also the confidence to expand my business. The quality of my prints has greatly improved, and that alone is a game changer for my business. I can’t recommend this course enough for serious artists wanting to elevate their business."


Creating Art Prints has changed my life...

 My art prints have:
  • Added a sustainable revenue stream that makes up 50% of my income

  • Freed up my time: time to spend with my family, to travel and to create art!

  • Given me freedom to work when I want to and to step away when I need a break

  • Added a sustainable revenue stream that makes up 50% of my income
  • Freed up my time: time to spend with my family, to travel and to create art!

  • Given me freedom to work when I want to and to step away when I need a break

  • Opened up opportunities for my art to be sold all over the world!

  • Created licensing opportunities to further diversify my income

  • Fueled my creativity so that I can create when I want to

  • Opened up opportunities for my art to be sold all over the world!

  • Created licensing opportunities to further diversify my income

  • Fueled my creativity so that I can create when I want to

And now it's time to change yours...

Gone are the days of endless google searches looking for info on how to make art prints. I did all of that (and more) and only ended up confused and frustrated.

But, I made it my mission to solve the mystery of making high-quality art prints—and after years of trial and error, I figured it out and now I am sharing everything I learned with you!

You have found the shortcut you've been looking for

Adding art prints to my business was a game-changer and I can’t wait to show you how they can change your business too! With Art to Print, you no longer have to navigate this process alone. I've got you!


"If you are an artist and looking to scale your business, this course is a must." - Jenny Taylor


I highly recommend this course!

"I dreaded photographing and scanning my paintings for print because I was sure I was doing it in an unprofessional way. No longer! The module on scanning prints alone is worth the price of the course. I come back to it often to refresh and review and I am always delighted by Laurie Anne’s down to earth no-nonsense style and zillions of practical tips. I highly recommend this course!"


real results

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to work smarter and make more money while working less?

  • Have you been searching for an easy, step-by-step way to create high-quality art prints of your original work?

  • Are you looking for answers about the materials and the process required to make profitable prints?

  • Want to add a sustainable, mostly passive income to your art business?

  • Are you burned out and tired of always having to create new art and trying to keep up?

  • Are you ready to take the next step in your business and earn back your time?

  • Do you want to make serious money without having to create new art every time you want to get paid?

  • Do you want a shortcut? You could spend a year (or more!) learning these techniques through trial and error, or invest in Art to Print today and learn everything in just one day!

"If you want to make art prints and sell your work, this course is for you!!!" - Stephanie Riggs



"Printing my own artwork has been a great way to supplement my income. It has also helped to relieve the pressure I feel to always be in the creative flow producing more and more original artwork. I would highly recommend this course. You won’t regret it."


"Prints felt almost more expensive and time consuming prior to Laurie Anne’s course. Now I have a step by step way to make it easier and more profitable. It’s like all the trial and errors I would of gone through were eliminated. I highly recommend this course and if you don’t sell prints- you should!"


One Time Payment



  • Immediate access to ALL Modules
  • 7 Modules + Bonus Module
  • 50+ Short Video Lessons
  • 1 Resource Guide & FAQ Section
  • Closed Captions & Transcripts for Each Lesson
  • Unlimited access plus free future course updates

Payment Plan



  • Immediate access to Modules 1, 2 & 3
  • 7 Modules + Bonus Module
  • 50+ Short Video Lessons
  • 1 Resource Guide & FAQ Section
  • Closed Captions & Transcripts for Each Lesson
  • Unlimited access plus free future course updates

"This course is truly priceless." - Kinden Vazquez



"This course provided all of the information I needed (and more) to take my original paintings, and turn them into print files that I could then outsource to print and ship! This course provided the information that was required for me to finally launch my shop to sell prints of my art! I am so pleased with the results."


"This is the most thorough course I have taken. Laurie Anne shows every step starting with a finished piece, moving through the digitization and editing process, to printing, and shipping. This is a must have course for anyone interested in selling art prints."


"Art to Print is one of the best online courses I've taken because it saved me so much time by sharing the exact information I needed to know and a ton that I didn't even know to ask about. I knew I had to learn the process of making high quality prints and ATP removed all guesswork and trail and error and just gave me the perfect workflow. Thank you!"


Frequently Asked Questions


"You could spend years working everything out yourself through trial and error, or you could take Laurie Anne's course and start making prints now! " - Catharine Stebbins



Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity.

With Art to Print, you'll receive a complete, and I mean complete (all my secrets) step-by-step guide that takes you from start to finish in creating high-quality art prints.  

It's time to make the best decision for your art business and do a happy dance knowing your art is out in the world and bringing in the money!!