Framed Print Listing Photoshop Templates

Having listing photos of your art in context makes ALL the difference!

It's so important to show your art in context for your customers! Not only does it give your collector the ability to visualize what the print looks like framed, but it also stands out from the crowd. When I changed my photos from just a screenshot of my prints to my prints shown in frames, my sales shot up!

This was especially true for wholesale listings because now my listings stand out in the feed from of all the thousands of products retail shops are scrolling through. I couldn't find a template for this online that I liked, so I made my own that are nice and simple and really show off the art!


  • You'll get access to a tutorial video where we walk you through how to use these templates for your own art prints
  • You'll also receive a link to download all of the templates to your own computer for your use
  • My Photoshop templates are formatted for you to just drop you print file into.
  • You have the choice of a Wood, White or Black frames
  • I provide two mat sizes in standard size ratios of 1:1, 2:3, 3:4 and 4:5.

After your purchase, allow a few minutes to receive an email with instructions on how to access the templates & tutorial. If you do not see the email, check your spam/junk folder. if you use Paypal to check out, your log in info was sent to your Paypal email address.

Terms and Conditions: This is a digital product and due to the digital nature, all sales are final and no refunds will be granted.

$47.00 USD